Why MFA?

Having five successful ocean rows between them, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian, both as part of a race and as independent crews; the team behind the Atlantic Dash have the first hand experience and in-depth knowledge to help make your ocean rowing dream a reality.

Meet the team

Billy Taylor

MFA Founder

Billy had many miles of sailing experience before rowing across the Pacific Ocean in the first Great Pacific Race in 2014 . Since then, Billy has rowed across the Indian Ocean in 2018, rowed across the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean in 2020 with Alex, and across the Atlantic Ocean in 2021 to lay the foundations for the Atlantic Dash.  

Ocean rowing experience:
Great Pacific Race 2014
Indian Ocean 2018
Atlantic Ocean 2020 | 2021 | 2022

Alex Mason

MFA Founder

Alex had 10,000 miles of hiking and 4,000 miles of cycle touring experience, but no ocean rowing experience until she met Billy in 2016. As a reserve rower for his Indian crossing, Alex got her first taste of ocean rowing when she vomited for 37 hours across the English Channel. 

Alex then went on to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2020 with Billy and has been involved in the management of multiple independent crossings, and of course setting up the Atlantic Dash. 

Ocean rowing experience:
Atlantic Ocean 2020

What an adventure!

Atlantic Dash 2021. 50 days 5 hours 23 minutes.

“Monkey Fist Adventures, the rock’n’rollers of oceans…

When I decided to row the Atlantic Ocean the next step was the huge list of questions. Is it safe? What about the sharks? What happens if something goes wrong in the middle of the Atlantic?… 

All my questions and worries were answered and my mind put at ease after after talking to Billy, Barry & Alex from Monkey Fist Adventures who between them have 7 ocean crossings. 

50 days at sea with skipper Billy as part of the Atlantic Dash was by far the best life experience I’ve ever had. Words can’t describe the freedom of rowing an ocean; waking up to the best scenery, surrounded by Mother Nature, dolphins, turtles, flying fish, rowing through the night with nature’s cinema – the stars, moon and Milky Way – so bright above us. If anything needed fixing Billy was on it, if our friends & relatives wanted updates Barry & Alex kept them up to date.  

50 days in the professional hands of Monkey Fist Adventures – what a treat, what a laugh, what a mission, what an adventure! My mind has never been at peace like that for many years…can I go back to sea please?”

– Mathew Pritchard, Atlantic Dash 2021