The Team Behind the Dash

Billy Taylor – Director and Co-founder

Alex Mason – Director and Co-founder

Chris Martin – Safety Officer

Chris Martin is a record setting ocean rower with more than 18 years of involvement in and support of those participating in the sport.


Chris came to ocean rowing via an accomplished river rowing career. He was part of Team GB for 6 years, competing for Britain at junior, under-23 and senior level returning with a medal from every World Championships he competed in. He rowed the Atlantic solo and became part of the first (and currently) the only pair to row the North Pacific from Japan to San Francisco in an endeavour taking just over 6 months.


Since hanging up his oars he founded the Great Pacific Race between California and Hawaii, has provided training and land-based support and guidance for more than 140 rowers taking on their own ocean rowing expeditions and sits on the board of the Ocean Rowing Society, Guinness World Record Adjudicators for the sport.

Simon Rowell – Weather Router

Since 2015 I have been the meteorologist for the British Sailing Team, and forecasting at the Olympics & Paralympics in Rio and the Olympics in Tokyo was fantastic, if rather challenging.  I have also been the forecaster for the Clipper Round the World Race since 2011, with other clients ranging from ocean rowers superyachts to TV production companies, and for land-based clients in international rugby, cycling & golf.


I have been a yachting professional since 1997, starting off as an instructor before working for Clipper Ventures both as a round the world race skipper on the winning boat in the 2002 race and as assistant race director in charge of the day to day operations and all the skipper and crew training for the 2005 race.


I am an RYA Ocean Yachtmaster Examiner and spent two years as Chief Instructor at UKSA in Cowes before going back to university in 2009 to study meteorology at the University of Reading, finishing the MSc course in 2010 with a distinction and a dissertation investigating how hurricanes start in the North Atlantic.


Before all this I spent seven years as an engineer on oil rigs in various usually insalubrious parts of the world, and have a thorough grasp of the many and varied uses of both gaffer and self-amalgamating tape, and of how to find a machine shop that can cut a 1 inch left hand thread in Brazil on a Sunday.

Justin Adkin – Scrutineer

Growing up amongst fishermen and professional seafarers, motoring, rowing and sailing off the Devon, Dorset & Cornish coasts I pretty much born into boating!


Aged 18, during an engineering apprenticeship, I built my first boat and soon realized this was where my passion lay. Off the back of this I got a job with Peter 'Spud' Rowsell & Phil Morrison who are renowned racing dinghy builders and designers. At this boatyard the design for the very first trans-Atlantic racing rowing boat was built and I was fortunate to be amongst the team that set the ball rolling in ocean boat design for all future events.


Since then, from 2003, as well as running my own boat building company, I have been an inshore & offshore RNLI lifeboat crew member, skippered a 4 man rowing crew across the Atlantic, taught boat building at a leading Academy, been to California on the support crew running the trans-Pacific rowing races and since 2013, been the 'at sea' Race Officer for the 'NOMAN' Mediterranean rowing races.

Ed Wildgoose – Communications

Ed previously designed and built the IT, risk management and portfolio management infrastructure for a hedge fund with over $6bn AUM. These are some of the most hard-to-please customers that you can imagine! He now runs MailASail and uses this experience to create user-friendly software for setting up and managing email and communications from the middle of the ocean.

MailASail’s philosophy is that you shouldn’t need to be a computer whizz-kid to send an email & receive reliable weather whilst on passage. Their products are designed to provide fast, cost effective and reliable communications with emphasis on ease of setup and operation (plus the team work really hard to provide excellent after sales care & support).

MailASail work with numerous ocean rowing events & ocean yachting races and is the official communications provider for the Atlantic Dash.

Dr Rasheeda Williams – Medical advisor

Steve Lupson – Photographer

Hi, I'm Steve, a photographer lucky enough to be living in the Canary Islands in Spain. More specifically Lanzarote. I have lived on the island for six years now. Originally from Southern Africa and then moved to the UK. I have been a full-time photographer since moving to Lanzarote. I can honestly say it's the best job in the world.